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Dodge , Burn and Contour shading brushes for MS5 by 888toto Dodge , Burn and Contour shading brushes for MS5 by 888toto
Click on the Image to see a bigger version of it !

Manga Studio v5 does not ship with any Dodge or Burn tools.... you have to build your own or download the ones from me. Dodge and Burn tools are available with most art packages and even with earlier versions of Manga Studio. They darken and saturate (Burn) or lighten areas (dodge) independent of their Hue and independent of the currently picked brush color. But the simple addition of whiteness or blackness is not good enough as that will dampen down the contrast and overly de-saturate the color. If we can get these right then they can be the perfect tools for modelling faces and bodies to give them a sense of depth and roundness

These brushes have been added to the new Manga studio v5 brush collections that can be previewed here and here and can be downloaded from here ( collection1) and from here(collection 2)
Collection 1 contains 103 brushes plus a free set of useful automated Actions . Collection 2 contains 118 brushes,blenders and pencils and also comes with a free set of automated actions. The brushes in both sets are completely different. Specifically these dodge and burn tools are included within Collection 2

To build these tools in Manga Studio v5 you have to use the new Blending Modes. You can assign the Black Burn and White Burn blending modes as I did in the some brushes that you can download at this Link ...… they are Ok and are broadly equivalent to the Photoshop Burn-Highlight and Dodge-MidTone but not perfect because they do not adequately adjust the Hue and Saturation .... Images can look a little gray and flat For Comics and SCiFi and Fantasy you generally want more dramatic and color intense highlights and shadows. Where the Black Burn and White Burn blending modes score well is that they behave the same independently of the currently picked color. You can get better effects with some other blending modes but you have to also pick the right color to use with them. ..... So what are the modes and with what colors ?

After a lot research and cross checking against some of the other Photoshop Dodge and Burn settings I found that the best match to Photoshop is to use the Color Burn and Color Dodge modes but you have to pick a neutral gray color.... If you are doing this manually then don't pick from the color swatches as often something may look gray but actually has some color mixed within it... and a bit of color can have unexpected affects. So instead pick it from the color wheel as in example 1 in the picture.

Comics and Scifi frequently head towards the blue/purple end of the spectrum and for these I recommend a mid grey that has a hint of blue ( example 2).... I call this the Blue Burn. ( dodge does not need a special color for this). If you do't want to learn and remember this then all you need to do is install the brushes that can be downloaded from this page. They use the correct blending modes and have the ideal color already pre-set within them ( they ignore your currently picked color as any true Dodge and Burn tools should). in the Zip files are...
1) A color Burn tool
2) A blue Burn Tool
3) a Hi-Dodge tool ( basically a dodge tool that maintains color saturation )
4) A Flame dodge Tool

The Flame dodge tool leverages the same ideas into a brush that you brush onto dark backgrounds and it uses the dodge effect to create an image of intense fire.

To the other Dodge and Burn tools I have also added an optional leathery skin texture for added realism on skin and leather . It will not appear unless you switch it on... To switch it on you need to click the "Emphasize density" checkbox that you should see in the Tool Property palette of MS5. You can adjust from fine skin to rough leather by adjusting the "Scale Ratio" in that same palette.

Hope you found this useful or find the brushes useful ... and if it was then feedback would be much appreciated.

Bye Folks !!!
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temporary99 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
I bet it would be a Great stuff if not for the 5,5$ price tag attached.
Sjru Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder where I can download it for free? 
LauraSeabrook Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Great stuff
Pharion Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
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